Jersey Devil Tour & Ong’s Hat Ghost Town

Here at Buzzkill, we just can not help but notice the recent surge in popularity of our dark-natured monster-friend, the Jersey Devil. And why not? New Jersey is an awesome place, that’s why it’s so crowded. But as the seasons change, and girlfriends need things to do on the weekends in the fall, the Pine-Barrens trails are a place to have a scary, yet romantic walk, possibly meet the Jersey Devil (there’s a story for the kids). For Jersey Devil searchers, the "Back to Nature" trail or BATONA Trail, is 50 miles long, and goes deep into the backwoods of the Pine-Barrens, gulp! A warning for our brave comrades, who venture off to find the creature; the Jersey Devil does not like photograph

The Jersey Devil and the Fisherman

In May 1909, a man named Captain Doughty supposedly had an altercation with our favorite large flying monster, over an impressive load of fish that the fisherman had just caught early that morning. Other boaters in the area corroborated the story of the attack; A large flying creature, a mix between a large pelican and a pony, began aggressively attacking the fisherman with its talons and beak. According to Captain Doughty, he struck the animal with a lucky shot with his ore, knocking the creature down into the boat. Witnesses describe the creature as 150 pounds and about 5 feet long. The fisherman claimed to have kept the creature in his house, but local skeptics thought it was probabl

Jersey Devil Origins - Local Consensus

At Buzzkill, we try to cover all of the origin theories that relate to the Jersey Devil. Some are more out on a limb than others. There is one story, that seems to be the most corroborated theory among the local population. "Mother Leeds", or Deborah Leeds supposedly birthed the creature. Many think that Mother Leeds was a witch, and that she cursed her 13th child causing it to become a monster. To be more specific, according to the story, the child was born a human, but it transformed into the infamous flying creature after birth, killing a midwife before escaping the house by flying up the chimney. Witnesses claimed to have spotted the creature flying nearby, before it disappeared. The

Buzzkill Movie Trivia (Documentary)

Here at Buzzkill, we strive to keep you, the audience, in the loop, as much as possible. If you watched the BKNJ promo video, you would have seen a few clips from the documentary, “The Jersey Devil”. In the full-documentary, Dr. Richard Drachtman, who is an anthropologist from southern New Jersey, explains some of the different theories that surround the local Jersey Devil legend. Dr. Drachtman is knowledgeable on many topics, but having grown-up in South Jersey, always had an immense fascination with Jersey Devil theory. We were able to speak with Dr. Drachtman to confirm and verify that he was, in fact, a human-person that existed on earth. Unfortunately, we were not so lucky with the

The Ghost Next Door

Unfinished business. According to conventional wisdom, spirits, or ghosts, exist in their current form because something is keeping them from moving on. There was once a boy named William. He was named after his father, who went by Bill. His parents called him Willy or Will or William if he was in trouble for something. Will’s parents moved when he was in second grade. They went from living in a modest condominium, to a large Dutch-Colonial in a wealthy neighborhood. Will was only aloud to travel on his bike to the end of the neighborhood. He met a few local kids, and they became friends. His closest friend was a boy named Jerry. There was another boy named Jerry, a boy named Tim and

Hurricane Irma

In case you did not know, Josh and H.O.P.E. Paranormal are located in Palm Beach County, FL. If you need further clarification of where these people are in relation to the Hurricane Irma predictions, see the picture below. Josh was kind enough to provide some live, on-scene coverage of how the weather has been. It started bad. Got worse, Then it got worse, Then, it got much worse. Josh attempted a couple spirit-sessions. Although this could be my mortal-bias showing, it felt like the spirits were getting blown all around with the wind. At one point, it seemed like Josh was getting berated by a group of mildly-intimidating spirits, who like to speak together in a cadence, like the mean-unc

A Group of Spirits

The first thing you come to understand when following the sessions of spirit-chasers is that they are dealing with different dimensions. What can only be commonly referred to as purgatory, seems like a place of endless loops, and backward rules. Artistically interpreted in film and television as endless whiteness, blackness, nothingness. Still the spirit exists somewhere, and there are other spirits there too. Josh from H.O.P.E. Paranormal’s latest session starts like many others, scattered, difficult to fully understand. What unfolds was perhaps my mind’s eye finally piecing it all together. It definitely seems like when Josh uses the flux-capacitor (my nickname for every gadget thes

The Jersey Devil and the Moon

Keep in mind, many theories exist about the Jersey Devil’s loyalties. It is hard to tell if it is a physical creature, or an entity from someplace dark. One thing that baffles the science community, is the reports of people seeing a full-moon on the same day that somebody supposedly witnesses the Jersey Devil. Almost every confirmed witness-story mentions the moon at some point. The connection theory supposedly started the night of Marie Clapper’s abduction, when a large group of searchers witnessed a full-moon when such a thing, should not have been visible. Peculiar.

BKNJ Review: Little Evil

Netflix is cranking homers like Barry Bonds. With “Little Evil”, their creative chops are shown-off once more. To avoid spoilers, we will quickly point-out that for broad-strokes purposes, “Little Evil” plays out like a satiric-comedy take of “The Omen” about that scary little kid named “Damien”, who happens to be the anti-christ. Don’t worry, you pick that sentiment up right away. “Lucas” is a strange kid, who tries his best to dress like Angus Young from ACDC, talks people into harming themselves and has the bedroom of a future serial-killer. Not an ideal step-son. But wait, (heart flutters), Evangeline Lilly plays the boy’s mother, "Samantha". I get it “Gary”. Still, very not-ideal

Josh Puts "Frank" on Notice

According to paranormal researchers, people are all connected. What this means is that when a mortal’s life comes to an end, they leave their earthly body in the form of a spirit. Unlike humans, who occupy their own spaces on earth, spirits exist in another realm, where the rules of modern science no longer apply. Spirits who die young, or emotionally weak may lack the strength to get to Heaven. Christianity believes man is born into sin (hence the baptism), meaning that mankind, left unchecked will revert back to dark behaviors. Evil exists, and it stands in direct contrast to good. Sinful behaviors lead to a weakened spirituality. Examples; envy, lust, and pride are all part of human

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