The Jersey Devil and the Moon

It seems the verification we received in regards to the “false full-moon” seen on days when people reported the appearance of the Jersey Devil was pretty self-evident. The “Jersey Devil Moon” is a phenomena where the realm of the creature’s origin becomes visible in New Jersey. Guess where it is closer to? So while the literal shadows of the world are much darker, the space realm does hold 2 moons, both of which orbit opposite each other. While the two moons usually spin in darkness, they react to the sun similarly to our moon on nights when the devil visits. So there ya go. (Carteret, NJ) (Belmar, NJ)

A Touch of Clairvoyance

The universe is more than what we can see. Scientific minds are taught to always be skeptical. By consistently attempting to break an argument or prove a theory wrong, scientists eventually can find the truth. One of the most heated debates in society is about the creation of the world. Where did we come from? What was there before the Big Bang? The truth is unfortunately not always convenient to everyone. Depending on what they were brought-up believing, some people have a personal interest in either proving their ancestors right or wrong. Our friends at HOPE Paranormal are spirit-chasers. They use special technology that picks-up on the many deferent frequencies that surround us, i

HOPE Paranormal 2018

Faith is perhaps most beneficial during times of sadness or when things seem hopeless. It is easy to be thankful when things are going well, that is why actors never seem at a loss for words when they win an Emmy or an Oscar. Having faith really comes in handy when dealing with loss. There is nothing worse than having to say goodbye to a family member or pet. It is hard enough to accept that you will not be able to talk to or spend time with your loved one again, but HOPE Paranormal has proven that there is some place where spirits go when the body dies. They have shown this by finding and helping spirits who no longer have a body, and are trapped here on earth. If people just died, if

BKNJ Review: Creep 2

We were going to do a review for "Bright", the latest Will Smith jam. And Bright was pretty good, but “Creep 2” takes the day. My word, what does that say about me? Oh well, let’s break it down quickly. First, let's consider the word “creep”, really let that word marinate. The first “Creep” was eerie, existential and sublime, but in "Creep 2", things get really creepy. Slight Spoilers While here at Buzzkill, we wanted this latest target to get offed from Jump Street, Creep 2 really brings the viewer in with its “will he, won’t he?” dynamic. We won’t spill the beans about the end, we’re not complete sociopaths. Overall: Must Watch

Pine Barrens Abductions

The Jersey Devil has been blamed for quite a few kidnappings throughout the years. Like most evil beings, once it has you trapped, you are not going anywhere. With the uptick in curiosity about the Jersey Devil’s connection to the Pine Barrens of south Jersey, a forensics group was dispatched to a location that was believed to have been used by the creature or an associate, as a makeshift prison, or holding cell. The property was allegedly owned by associates of the Leeds family, and until 1997, there was a private-property sign and a fence surrounding the half-acre of woods where this bunker was located. When the last member of the family who owned the property died, the local government

Ghost Friends

Here is a peculiar story of ghosts and the concept of time. When you are young, you are probably close to being your most normal. You have had less delinquent influences, and unless your parents beat you, were probably optimistic about your chances of becoming a (fill in the blank) when you grew up. We all remember having friends when we were younger, and we used whatever was in front of us to have fun somehow. The story goes that these two pilots met at a bar in an airport in Chicago, Illinois, while waiting for their flight back to Louisville, Kentucky. They were to share the flight. One would be the copilot, and the coming flight would be his first on this size plane. The other pilo

The Jersey Devil and the Pentagram Symbol

The pentagram symbol has been left at nearly every abduction site of the Jersey Devil. What does this mean? The key word is abduction site. While there are tons of stories of general mischief and destruction that have been blamed on the monster, abduction usually means the target is never seen again. The only abduction victim to be seen reportedly since her abduction is the first, Marie Clapper. Plenty have been targeted, both men and women of all ages. The abduction of Clapper was in 1841, and the pentagram symbol was seen burned into the ground next to her pink hair ribbon. Kelly Whitlin was taken before a house party in Seaside Park, NJ. The pentagram was also found next to the pur

Patrick, the Believer

So as are things sometimes, we get right down to the nitty gritty. When Josh asks the spirit Patrick in the cemetery if he believed in God, the spirit said, “of course”. Furthermore the spirit acknowledges Jesus Christ. Yet still trapped there in the cemetery. Why? I submit the blatant denying of God is a relatively new fad. The over-the-hill new-age. Heaven is a place on earth. Well, that is precisely what many people believe hell is. If not hell, then purgatory. So while they fully mean it now when they say they do not believe, back in the day, most people were not in the habit of committing the ultimate party-foul. They could have even believed in God, gone to church on Sunday,

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