BKNJ Review: Friend Request

With a relatively benign sounding title, and basic plot description, “Friend Request” punches way above expectation. So much so, that when it comes to visually-stimulating pop-horror films, Friend Request might just edge out Death Note. Solid score. More than a handful of pant-shitting jump takes, perfectly doled out. Minor Spoilers: MVPs Alycia Debnam-Carey as the lead "Laura". Super pretty. Great transformation. That’s what you get for being nice. Connor Paolo as "Kobe". Great intense stare. He should teach a class. Another great transformation. The entire cast, from the mother, to the cops, who were just not dumb enough, without being in the way. Keeps this long but interesting

Did You Just Tell Me to Calm Down?

If you live in New Jersey, as apposed to Palm Beach County, Florida, you have one thing going for you. No palmetto bugs. They are like roaches, that fly. Yes, they are terrifying. Here’s a picture. When dealing with our spirit friends, God, Jesus and the arch angel, there is a flip side to that coin. The darkness. During Josh’s last spirit box session, he was dealing with some residual negative energy from Ed, when a palmetto bug flew at him, out of the darkness, causing a spike in anxiety. Earlier in the day, a woman’s voice said some sexual things to him. For guys, that is not something that usually happens. “Betty” did not sound hot. Combine that with a palmetto bug in the house,

Dennis and Jen

Dennis and Jen have been friends since grade school. Dennis and Jerry grew-up in a neighborhood a few miles away from the DeMeo sisters. This group would hang out quite often. Also, for the longest time, Jen has been dating this guy Jake. Dennis is a genuinely nice guy, so he gets along with Jake just fine. But everyone knows that Jen has a thing for Dennis, and that Dennis obviously has a thing for Jen. The two have had to hide their real feelings for each other, for the sake of Jake, who has been getting on the nerves of everyone lately, with his excessive partying. Especially Jack Cuomo, who is the host of the annual 4th of July party. Seems at last year’s party, Jake and his frien

HOPE Paranormal White Light

Paranormal friends, let’s talk about them. "Adam" is a spirit, that Josh from HOPE Paranormal is friends with. HOPE Paranormal is starting a Patreon page, which gives subscribers access to more exclusive content. Josh has started getting the word out in the spirit community. For this to be done more effectively, it would help to find a spirit to help you with the process. That is Advertising 101. There were 14 names that were called out during the spirit-box session; Chris, DH, Phillip, Heather, Ivan, Cathy, Dennis, Mike, Tony, Bruce, Noah, Cynthia, Jack and Dale. Adam tells Josh to ask him for help. Apparently, a person needs to ask the spirit, in order for the spirit to help them. T

Jersey Devil - Monster in the Darkness

The Catholic Church has started recruiting exorcists, in order to combat the increase in satanic possessions around the world. While disheartening, it is not exactly surprising, given the current state of common morality. As humanity rejects divinity, it embraces the darkness. One of the more popular explanations behind the Jersey Devil, is that the creature is an emissary sent by Lucifer, to corrupt the area that would become the state of New Jersey, after the founding of America. While the Jersey Devil is not known for possession, certain individuals, who get targeted by the creature, begin experiencing a similar phenomena. It is called the “black monster”. The Jersey Devil can take di

Saw the Light and Chose to Stay

In the latest from Hope Paranormal, Josh travels again to Woodlawn Cemetery, where he is able to communicate handily using a DR60 recorder. This latest spirit, Patsy, was a woman, but because Josh mishears her answer when he asks her to clarify, Josh thinks it is a man. Definite sense of let-down from the spirit on this front, no one likes being gendered wrong. Still the spirit was eager to communicate with Josh, probably with anyone alive, one would assume. The spirit tells Josh that she did see the light when she died, yet she chose to stay. We know ghosts all have different reasons for doing so. Josh asks how long she has been in the cemetery, she says “too long.” It seems obvious f

Ghost Bodies in Belmar

Belmar, New Jersey, is one of the more popular northern Jersey Shore towns. The large sand beaches get filled with thousands of people during the summer. The locals anticipate this infestation like a bad flu. The streets are set up in a pretty consistent checkered pattern. Every day, people from the neighborhood walk their dogs around the lake. A strange phenomenon started happening on 7th Avenue, between Ocean Avenue and A Street. At least three dog owners began noticing that their dogs would not walk passed this one house. They would all stop in front of the house, then start sniffing and looking inside. One concerned dog-owner believed that there was a dead body in the house, and th

Jersey Devil - Sin

There are seven deadly sins; greed, envy, lust, pride, sloth, gluttony, wrath (in no particular order). According to historians, of the big seven, there are three that are known to attract the Jersey Devil. Lust is a sure-fire way to get the creature’s attention. The energy given-off by certain lustful interactions, permeates into the surrounding areas. In southern New Jersey, many young female victims were believed to have been kidnapped by the Jersey Devil. The events were blamed on the overtly sexual actions of the young females, and used as a warning to kids, to keep it in their pants. Pride and greed seem to be the sins that the devil uses to cause the downfall of otherwise decent

Paranormal Side Effects

Possibly the biggest deterrent to entering the world of spirit-chasing, is the potential to have spirits attach to you, like in the movie, “Veronica”, though that seems like close to worst case scenario. The key to fighting paranormal side-effects, is the Light. What is the Light? Think of God’s intention for the Universe. Goodness. Being what you would want others to be like, to you. This light builds inside, the more decent and selfless things you do. Josh and Steve Huff both seem to be getting a little extra attention from Ed, a spirit from the Bellaire House, and his incredibly spooky family. In fact, there are lots of voices from the last episode, which is funny, because that epi

The Static

It has always been there, yet many explain it away. “I just got a chill.” But then how did the temperature change enough for you to suddenly and momentarily feel cold? At a young age, your instincts scream at you, “it’s a ghost,” but our growing and fragile minds cannot or will not submit. Instead we blame it on imagination. But does it ever stop? That static, that feeling like electricity is flowing through or on your body, making the hairs on your arms and neck stand up. Perhaps it will stop, if you continue not to believe. Why does it happen? Because the human body is a miraculous machine, that strives to protect itself from every conceivable scenario. It is almost as if your own

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