January 7, 2019

Perhaps more interesting than how the Jersey Devil targets certain victims, is why the Jersey Devil targets certain victims.  What draws the monster out? 

By most accounts the Jersey Devil is reclusive, and makes a very concerted effort to not get spotted.  


January 7, 2019

Black Mirror had been batting a thousand until right after the first episode of the last season (USS Callister, which was great).  What followed got pretty preachy, which unfortunately sacrifices the interestingness of the plot, like in Black Museum.  (Hang the DJ was...

January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!  If your friends are as dark and weird as ours here at Buzzkill, you celebrated the end of this heavy last year by watching Bird Box. 

Slight spoilers ahead.

Netflix’s Network Originals all seem to have certain things in common.  The cinematography w...

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