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I Get Political...

Being the day after Super Tuesday, I am going to get a bit political. I really wish that colleges and universities weren’t filled with progressives. It doesn’t surprise me, the job is perfect for people who love telling others how to live. Young minds in their prime being filled with crap right before they enter the real world. Depressing.

The United States is a Constitutional Republic. We decide our government representatives democratically, but the Constitution sets the law.

But the U.S. Constitution was written in the mid 1700’s, it can’t possibly keep up with changing times and technologies!

That is the incredible thing about documents like the US Constitution, Alcoholics Anonymous, or pick whichever religion doesn’t offend your delicate sensibly, they last throughout the generations because they make sense to people, even as fads and trends come and go.

The US Constitution states that any subject not specifically addressed in the Constitution or Bill of Rights is left to the state and local governments (a.k.a. the people) to decide. There you go, some more democracy.

That key aspect of the US Constitution has been purposefully misinterpreted and basically destroyed over the last 20+ years. But why? And by who? That would be federal government. Washington D.C. is now surrounded by nine of the richest counties in the United States. Hmm, seems a bit off considering there is nothing created in Washington D.C. besides laws and regulations.

The argument that keeps everyday people constantly bickering is whether you blame the corporations or the government. I feel that is very much a “chicken or the egg” debate. Are corporations using their money and lobbyist to gain unfair advantages over their competition? Yes. Is an over-grown centralized government filled with corrupt politicians complacent and enabling this to happen? Yes.

I find nothing but hypocrisy in the modern Democratic Party. The party that preaches tolerance and democracy, willingly gives control to a centralized government who demands compliance towards one way of thinking. Doesn’t sound too progressive to me. Sounds almost like a theocracy. “Hmm, did I get in the wrong line?”

In the Republican Party, I see nothing but pandering and lies. Candidates run as constitutionalists to get the vote of the party’s base, then get to Washington and immediately give away the farm. Being a member of the “party of reducing government” is a conflict of interest when you don’t really want the government getting any smaller.

I will not endorse any candidate on this site because that is not why it is here. I will simply say that I am an American citizen, and for that I will never apologize. I think that we as Americans should stop letting our country get ridiculed and mocked. The United States was built on sturdy and simple foundation that people are free to live their lives how they choose. We need to give the power back to the people, not an ever-growing bloated federal bureaucracy.

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