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World at War

It is odd living in a world that is at war already, but your side won’t acknowledge it. Easter being the Holiest of holidays for Christians, and I have to hear from about some garbage person in Pakistan slaughtering 72 innocent women and children with a bomb at an Easter celebration. I think someone’s forgotten what happens when you wake the sleeping giant.

I had been struggling with‘s 75% - 25% favoritism of Trump to Ted. Knowing that a good relationship with Trump Media would be Huge if Trump were to become President, I understand their position as a Media company. The Alex Jones’ endorsement definitely helps with my thoughts on Trump (worth a look-up on YouTube). I really want the two candidates to bury the hatchet, we’re on the same side.

Either way, Western Society needs to drop the defeatist mindset. Being contrarian to everyday people doesn’t make you enlightened. In our history, man has done a lot more to progress with a lot less than we have now, and right now our economy sucks and Europe is on fire.

Shout out to the Hooligans in Europe protesting the radical terrorism. They said “they were tired of teddy-bears and candles, they wanted some answers from their government”. They were hit with water-cannons by their own police, and forcibly put on trains home. (From Breitbart News Daily)

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