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Curt Schilling Breitbart Interview Commentary

Curt Schilling baseball great (I’m a Yankee fan but I like him personally) was being interviewed about being fired from ESPN. To me, it sounded like someone finally getting to vent to a huge audience about a company that most likely would have driven me bat-shit crazy and for that I say oh Yes! Good for you Mr. Schilling. ESPN looks like a big winy college-zombie that is so self-involved they want you to evolve to their liking.

Highlight point: These people who have an agenda different than us seem to care about it more than we do (paraphrasing). Which is so true because we’re busy trying to do something with our f***ing lives.

Stephen K. Bannon also ended the interview saying he would like to hear more from him. That’s subtly ringing the bell against the left and ESPN. Curt Schilling would be a level-headed addition to the comentary. Stephen K. Bannon likes people who can throw fast balls too.

In the morning, I like to listen to some music on the last 10 mins into work. Breitbart gets me 1 of 3 times to listen all the way in.

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