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Less Than Jake

Anyone who knows me personally knows my favorite band of all time is Less Than Jake. They came into my life in the 6th grade and replaced Third Eye Blind (Stephan Jenkins is still a musical god). The first album I discovered was "Losing Streak", and for a budding LTJ fan, it was life-changing. Two minutes, thirty second of glory at a time, perfect for a teenaged attention-span.

I played trumpet in the school band when I was in grade school. I truly believe it altered my experience with music. First off, I found out how hard playing a musical instrument actually is. I appreciate when I see a band play live. Not trying to be an old-timey hater, but it is a lot more impressive than going to watch some guy play pre-recorded beats and fist-pump while people take ecstasy and dance in a big sweaty group.

Going to an LTJ show is like going to a party. The music gets you up and brings you to life. It unites the crowd with excitement in a way that MDMA never could. They truly are moments worth experiencing.

Another great aspect of Less Than Jake, is the stories the songs tell. Vinnie Fiorello (another Italian), the drummer, writes the songs. By the time you hit 25 years old, you realize the world is a lot shittier than you ever thought possible in a lot of ways. Life disappoints and people let you down. It can always be worse, but it will always get better. A great, catchy, punk song that describes similar struggles can really help us overcome and keep fighting.

LTJ (Sun Fest - West Palm Beach, FL)

LTJ (Jupiter, FL)

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