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Facebook-Bias Reports Further my Suspicions

I started this project for one reason above all others; I love movies. I love horror movies, I love movies of all genres. I wanted to make the movie that I always wanted to see, hoping others would appreciate it as well.

I have never been an outgoing person. I almost never feel the need to put myself out there for other people to see. About three and a half years ago, I let my opinions be heard on Facebook about the presidential election, hoping that my posts could maybe reach someone who was on the fence. I love my country. With the advent of social media, I felt it was my civic-duty to do more than just quietly vote and keep my mouth shut as a member of the “silent majority”.

Before I began this film-making process, I stopped political posting completely. I wasn’t going to disenfranchise half my audience, and my goal was to share my movie with people, not push a narrative.

Everyone who read Buzzkill’s script encouraged me to make it. There also seems to be a decent buzz growing around my area about the project.

I know marketing is difficult, especially in the outer-space sized internet and social media. I still felt like I was somehow doing it the wrong way. I was posting interesting content and even paying for it to get broadcast. It felt like trying to skip stones and having stone after stone hit the water and sink right to the bottom.

It really was not a surprise to read reports that Facebook was purposely trying to bury “anti-progressive” points of view. They are not shy about their progressive agenda.

It does however, add more suspicion to my wondering if I have been “black-listed” because of the opinions I voiced a few years back. I have no way to prove it as of now, but I have felt like I’ve been at a disadvantage since I started.

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