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Buzzkill Movie Trivia

It is difficult to sell a movie when you don’t want to tell the audience the plot. I can safely relax knowing that no-one cares enough about my movie to ponder what’s going to happen in it. It does however, make the selling process harder.

In my mind you already know how good the story line is. I made the promo video to give some life to the characters and put some media out there. But I didn’t want to give away the plot because it is better to watch it without knowing what’s going to happen.

I released the storyboard for movie’s the trailer on the Kickstarter because that’s going to be released before the movie and it doesn’t ruin and plot twists.

Here is what you need to know about the movie right now:

1. The main characters are a group of friends who throw a huge annual house-party to celebrate the beginning of the summer. The party is going to be awesome. It will have live music, an ice luge and lots of alcohol and party-favors. This is a party you would defiantly want to attend.

2. Lucky for you who weren’t invited, because the Jersey Devil has been reported to be working its way up the east coast of New Jersey. A couple girls have reportedly gone missing from house-parties in towns just south of Belmar.

3. This party will be crashed…hard.

Beyond that, you’re better off not knowing. It will be fun. We’re trying to stay away from the slow, depressing anguish of most modern horror movies by getting as much fun out of this experience as possible.

Stay tuned and pledge our Kickstarter if you haven’t yet:

Kickstarter - search for: Buzzkill New Jersey

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