Buzzkill Movie Trivia: The Barn

June 2, 2016

The Barn


The Barn in Buzzkill New Jersey is based off of the barn located in back of the real-life home of the Sgroi family.   The house is in Colts Neck, New Jersey and is over 300 years old.  The Barn is also very old, and quite big.  The Barn has been used for many different things over the years.




When the group of friends that inspired the group in Buzzkill was going through high school, The Barn was a top hang out spot.   The Barn was built into a hill, so there is a bottom entrance (pictured) and a second floor entrance on the opposite side.


The second floor was a big open-air barn.  Joe Sgroi built a halfpipe on one side of The Barn that was big enough to ride bmx bikes on. The group would all ride bikes or skateboards inside.  There was a quarter pipe box and rail as well. The Barn was basically an indoor skate park.  At the time, the Sgroi compound was surrounded by woods and fields.  The group built bmx jumps all over the place.  Very fun time.


As bikes gave way to cars, Joe turned the bottom part of the barn (which was originally scary as hell) into a garage.  

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