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Jersey Devil Pharmacy Ring

Something within the last 15 years! This one’s got another murky connection but I feel it is stronger than even the Marie Clapper Followers. Plus the Jersey Devil is in this one.

This story starts in the summer of 2009, a year or so after companies began making an easier on the stomach oxycodone and thoroughly f*cking up a large amount of un-knowing young Americans. And that’s just Big Pharma, and they struck when the iron was hot. Much of what was bought and purchased was legal for a long time period, so the government aint’ a saint either. Plus they had no problem rounding up the offenders after they ran up the tab a little, before bringing down the hammer…but I digress.

This story actually takes place on the boarder of Ocean and Monmouth County. The spot was a tire store. For the sake of the town and current owners, we’ll make up a town name and call it Johns River.

So the story starts with a very new group of friends. It was a former male high school basketball player a female soccer player, a resident sketchy kid and a couple cliches. The manager of the tire store was a normal enough guy. He was in his late twenties and had worked there a while.

So the story was the manager had a twin brother. The brother had lived on the west coast in California and Arizona. The twin moved to New Jersey. They looked strikingly similar.

The high school kids had met at a house party where they had found some of the “blue pills” in the medicine cabinet of the mother of the home’s owner. We’ll say they put their different pasts behind them, like a fucked up Breakfast Club.

The tire store’s manager and his brother started one of the earliest doctor/prescription rings. Pretty cleaver racket, like white-collar crime with a touch of scumbag. The rumor was the brother had introduced the manager to the idea. The manager remained conflicted but the money was very good.

Fast-forward the high school group sniffed out the source, befriended the brothers and helped run the racket. The athletic kids faked an injury, and they would see up to 3 doctors a day. The key was knowing the pharmacy, usually local ones, where the systems weren’t matched up with other locations. A day of driving around could yield $1,800 in product per person.

The problem with a situation like this is, the habits get progressively worse, and the supply gets progressively more expensive and harder to find. The ring ran for 2 years. DEA was disbursed after parents started complaining their children were having to go to rehab for pill-addiction, and the DEA is no f*cking joke.

The story was that they sent in an informant who infiltrated the organization. The snitch or “scum of the earth” was a former friend who had been pinched on his own, and cooperated with the fuzz to rat out the organization, in exchange for a reduced sentence. (He got his, but that’s a different story.)

The tire store was taken down. The jump-out boys raided the store while every member of the group was inside. When all was said and done they seized 2,000 pills and $800,000 in cash. The manager’s twin brother had apparently not been present at the raid. The police went to Arizona to look for the twin brother. When they tracked the man down, they found the manager’s fraternal twin brother, and he looked completely different.

Because there was no way link the man they found with the one they saw running the operation, there was nothing the police could do. The man had all the proper identification and had apparently been living his normal life, unaware that he even had a brother.

People speculate that the manager simply acted as his own twin brother to try to throw people off, but the DEA supposedly has pictures of the identical twins standing together. The members of the group also swear that the twin was the one who ran the group, and the manager was just in a situation where he was in over his head. The story reeked of Jersey Devil antics so he got linked to it right away. We’ll work on getting that picture.

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