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Catholic Church Hostage-Taking; Priest Killed in Normandy, France

Yesterday, a Catholic mass was taken over by hostage-takers yelling the European name for “ISIS”. The hostage-takers slit the throat of the 84 year-old priest and left one other person clinging to life before being shot by French Forces.

Being a Catholic makes the lightening strike closer to home, that I cannot help.

The numbness you feel for the tragedies happening every day is un-avoidable. Mostly because the life that is in front of you is hard enough to deal with. Daily stressors and goals and disappointments can de-prioritize the horrible tragedy happening hundreds of miles from you. Especially when these attacks are occuring every other day. Most people just chalk it up to “we live in a messed up world”.

That’s not the type of world we are capable of living in. The problem with destroying institutes of peaceful faith, is that the people eventually lose hope for society. Greed, lust and envy start to take over (sound familiar?). The “hostile” societies, the ones that want to wipe you and your loved ones off the face of the Earth, can sense this, and are trying to make you lose hope.

Hope is earned with faith. Faith is attacked and now openly mocked all the time. Never lose your fight.

Thanks again to Breitbart News and for reporting this story.

My heart and prayers go out to Father Jacques Hamel, may God greet you in Heaven.

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