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Evil and the Disinfection of Light

The internet. The final frontier. Interactive and vast. A relatively new concept for humanity.

While television and talk-radio continue to get their messages out in a way that the viewer can just watch or listen, the internet requires the drive to research something or “fact-check” something you have heard. There are many wormholes in the internet. Eloquent wording is like cat-nip to those who want to be considered intellectuals, and usually a tell-tale sign of sketchiness.

As explained by noted freedom analyst Andrew Wilkow, the truly smart people are the ones that make the complex understandable. Minds like Einstein were more concerned with truth, than perception.

The people who deal in perception are the ones who mock the people dealing in truth. They take the simple, sometimes blunt words of truth and attack the credibility of the ones delivering the message with a negative perception. The people sitting at home just assume they are on the side of the “enlightened person on television”.

Breitbart New Daily has risen to prominence by speaking truth. While I don’t always agree ideologically with every member of the organization, and Breitbart News Daily break stories of evil and corruption with a journalism-style that focuses on what actually happened. I have been angry with Breitbart, I have been depressed because of what I have heard reported, but I am grateful to have a truly dedicated source for news and information.

Citizens around the world have been given a gift. Andrew Breitbart was a man who could connect dots. Starting off as a California liberal, he studied the techniques that the media uses to sway public opinion. Like most great men, he only got to see the movement’s creation and not its growth and success.

For those of you who have never heard of, or have only heard negative things from the site’s bitter detractors, I suggest you try visiting the next time you hear a news story and you feel like you are not getting the full explanation on something.

Many times, the mainstream media is not leaving those details out by accident. They simply do not report on things that lend evidence against their world-view. Breitbart will give you the whole story, in black in white and it doesn’t matter to them if that hurts your feelings.

Andrew Breitbart (Boise Weekly)

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