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BKNJ Review: Idle Hands


We are taking a large step back into nostalgia with a review of the honorable classic, “Idle Hands.” Here is another film with a horrible Rotten Tomatoes rating (16%). How bitter and unfulfilled are the lives of the majority critic population, that an extremely fun and entertaining movie like “Idle Hands” could get such a bad score?

The horror genre is so great because normal reality rules do not apply. “Idle Hands” takes a simple concept; Anton is a lazy sh*t that does nothing all day, leaving his hand vulnerable to possession by the Devil. An obvious play on phrase “Idle Hands are the Devil’s playground”. Why does a movie have to be deep and depressing to be considered a credible film?

“Idle Hands” hits the check-list for a perfect horror/comedy. It is fun and does not take itself too seriously. Devon Sawa “the great” played "Anton Tobias" perfectly, and as a protagonist is the perfect vessel to accept the craziness unfolding all around. Seth Green and Elden Henson play Anton’s funny, undead side-kicks very well. While parts of the movie seem obvious, the friends remaining kind-hearted after their death at Anton’s hand was pretty unique.

Vivica A. Fox played a sexy demon fighter "Debe LeCure". The scene where “Randy”, who has been following her around because she is hot, gets to (CAUTION SPOILER, watch the movie) is priceless. It may have been kitsch, but it was a perfect ending to those characters' sub-story.

Also important to note, is the fact that Tom Delong is in the movie as a fast food employee at Burger Jungle. The lead singer from The Offspring's demise was pretty great.

Saving the best for last, Jessica Alba stole my heart in “Idle Hands” and held onto it for years. Her short hair and flirty-sexy attitude solidified my love for brunettes with olive complexions throughout high school.

“Idle Hands” is a film that was imagined, wonderfully cast and a fun time from start to finish. Someone please get “Idle Hands” on Netflix.

Overall - Must See (if you can find it.)

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