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Movie Review: The Purge


Any filmmaker worth their salt knows that making a film and selling a film are two different things. Selling the film takes a few things. First, creative concept. The Purge obviously delivers. The improvement in the economy and basically utopian world we happen upon in this film hits you right between the eyes.

Second, bringing it to the people. The Purge’s concept is awesome and easily summed up in 2 sentences. The right amount of mystery is all people need. From a film viewer's perception, there is the movie you see, and there is the movie you imagine in your head in the lead up to the film. The advertising was precision, skillful, and left the audience needing to experience it up close.

Last, the right characters. The creepy group of psycho-melenials were great (Halloween costume, check). The masks are beautifully creepy. The jealous neighbors and the realization that you would be somewhere in the grey shades you are watching if this were to actually happen in the real world were both a perfect example of 21st century creativity.

In a world where everyone is talking negatively about the things they secretly like, The Purge was solidly executed and entertaining and viewers were not disappointed. It new it should be short, because there is only so much plot you can take in today’s world before you lose interest. Inspirational.

The Purge (2013)

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