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Who Are You?

In life, the people can be broken down into 2 basic groups. Some people will like seeing others succeed, some will not.

Putting personal conflicts aside, the ones who dislike seeing others do well, are being conditioned to resent success, and are most-likely having a rough go at an all too real money-desert.

It has gotten so bad, that a person has to condition themselves to fight the very strong, negative emotions of envy and resentment, which usually come from self-esteem issues that come from not being where you’d like to be personally in life. Much of the millennial generation is coming off of watching their parents be prosperous and knowing the money they work for has become worth less and less monetarily and everything is more expensive.

When you see your own behaviors in negative actions, they bother you more. A change of perspective goes a long way, but it does not come naturally.

Negative vibes get in the way in life, like humidity during summer. Positive vibes are good practice for the health of society and the individual.

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