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Ghost Hunting

An original "Dutch Colonial" style house, which are very popular in New Jersey, could trace back 300 years. That usually means many different inhabitance have come and gone. When someone meets their end inside their house, there is chance their spirit will stay put.

The human mind is different than any other living creature’s. It is usually the high-functioning mind that becomes vulnerable to obsession. The old adage is that ghosts are spirits with “unfinished business”. Wether from a betrayal, a trauma or a simple infatuation, some people hold onto things long after they happen. They become unable to let it go. The older they get, less likely they will want to talk about it.

In the most tragic of circumstances, a child dies lacking the emotional capacity to move on. What you are left with is a small ghost-child, and probably a ruined pair of underwear.

There are many ghost stories involving small children. Besides being incredibly sad, it is also frustrating from the outsider's perspective. The child dies, and the environment in the home afterwards is full of sadness and longing. This can leave the spirit clinging to its earthly home, and therefore unable to move on even after the parents leave.

There are groups that work to help these spirits move on. They are truly doing God’s work by freeing souls that have long been forgotten and have been suffering in silence.

H.O.P.E. Paranormal is one such group. You can learn more about them by going to their website:

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