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BKNJ Review: American Horror Story - Hotel

AHS “Hotel” was on the top tier, along with “Murder House”, “Freak Show”, “Coven” and basically every one beside “Asylum”. After “Asylum” which was good, but too dark and hopeless for a depression society, the producers realized that pop sells. They turned back to the characters and storyline, stopped trying to scare so much and added more attractive women. Bravo.

Lady GaGa, I never knew I was in love with you. I like some LGG songs too. Youngsters, she’s like, naked a lot. Lady GaGa is pretty reserved for a pop-star, but she was in full force in AHS Hotel. She delivers from every angle.

The recurring cast does not disappoint. Kathy Bates is awesome in these. When I saw that Wes Bentley (awesome name) was going to have a bigger part I knew things were about to get real. That guy is intense. Every character was on point (cannot think of any that were even mediocre) and the story is able to maintain the viewer's attention while being over the top.


Spoilers Ahead

Sarah Paulson’s interpretation of the tortured “Hypodermic Sally” is haunting. Her crying was a pretty great reoccurring trait. It helped to reinforce how awful her situation clearly was. Anyone in NA and trying to stay clean from smack, should probably not watch a fair amount of her scenes. It was also nice to see her looking pretty at the end, bringing the fairly new element of AHS characters appearing from other seasons. This American Horror Story Universe is a pretty large place now.

Barkeep, I’ll have one more please.

Overall - Must Watch

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