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BKNJ Movie Review: Easy A

As a shallow, judgmental and downright on the nose accurate young man, I developed a points system out of 100 for girls. It really gives women a lot more room to grow on a guy so you’re welcome ladies. Emma Stone sits comfortably at 89, with the fact that she is now famous and more unattainable boosting her to 95. I think I can speak for a majority of America in saying that we weren’t sure after Superbad, but Hollywood is good for one thing above all else, hot chicks. Thank you Hollywood, for that I will always love you. Moving on.

Easy A seems way outside the realm of “Dark-Comedy” on its surface because everyone is so pretty, but we are actually witnessing a very deviant, dark and cynical interpretation of Main Street USA. Christian antagonist Amanda Bynes is so beyond hot in this film, I cannot dislike her. That being said, cooky Christians is a little tired.

This entire universe is pretty big. The “hip parents” with Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson gives us a glimpse of perfection in the mind of a modern liberal, and they are quite pleasant. Lisa Kudrow is solid and funny.

What sets “Easy A” apart from other productions is not necessarily the message. This film had a solid, complex and complete story. The writer spins intricate webs out into multiple directions, them pulls it all together. These stories catch casual viewers like a hypnotist. Every character was good. Aly Michalka as best friend “Rhiannon” wow, so hot, and slutty-hot, even better. If she existed in any of your high schools, there’d be no one else.

Back to Emma Stone who carries the audience through the story as narrator. Although I feel like she would be very similar to her character in person, that is okay because she is either naturally very charming, or able to act like she is, which would be even more impressive. The story is pretty outrageous, but plausible. It seems the contempt felt for Christians for secretly being responsible for all the world’s problems is mainstream now, probably because the “turn the other cheek” crowd won’t kill them for blasphemy. Rotten Tomatoes Score: 85%, sounds about right.

Overall: Very Good

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