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BKNJ Movie Review: Serendipity

I know, I know, what a pussy. But Kate Beckinsale, plus Serendipity is a pretty great movie.

Serendipity definition: (n) a fortunate accident

This film is about a chance encounter between Johnathan Trager played by John Cusack, nice, and Sara Thomas played by Kate Beckinsale (again she is so pretty and charming with her British accent, it makes me want to punch the wall).

The plot is clever and very cute. It is almost nauseating on the re-watch, but a great rom-com is usually pretty nauseating to me after the first punch so I’ll take that as a character defect on my part. Jeremy Piven plays John’s friend Dean Kansky, and acts in true bro fashion; thinks it is stupid at first (these types of movies need skeptics to enforce doubt, although every day life situations do not) and then a true believer by the end. The way his job is incorporated into the plot is pretty good.

Molly Shannon is lovable enough to play Sara’s best friend and is a perfect example of why girls should never listen to their less-attractive friends.

Overall - Must Watch

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