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BKNJ Review: The Purge: Anarchy

As we attempt to top the simple, perfect concept that is The Purge and its universe, we expect to see a multiplicity of carnage, guns and killing. Check, check and check. The original Purge, for those who have been living on Mars, was about a scenario where one day a year, there were no laws. The original begins showing a vibrant economy, one percent unemployment, and a seemingly happy populous. We then learn the fine print of allowing murder, is that people start to enjoy killing each other.

The first Purge was very low budget, but effective because of its creativity and solid delivery in fleshing out the concept. The Purge: Anarchy was the intricate result of a creative mind getting the funding they need to blow the roof off. The film zooms 180 degrees and delves into the many different micro examples of what happens when they stop enforcing the law. The masks were great. The guns, vehicles and creepy murderers were very effective.

“Sergeant” played by Frank Grillo, was a solid anchor for the film. He was badass, tortured, and the masculine leader needed to navigate this complete shit storm. A group of very unfortunate individuals get whooshed together pretty quickly in the beginning of the story. They are then forced together through their mutual need to not get murdered in the street. Sergeant is a very effective killer, he is defiantly a good guy to have around.

The plot is very detailed. We are introduced to killers of all kinds; desperation, grudges, thirst for blood, affluent white people who have everything and feel the need to kill random people, and of course, meth heads. The group of unfortunates embark on several very cool scenarios that involve large, intense gunfighting scenes as well as a very uncomfortable dinner party that ends poorly. No more spoilers in this review, you should watch it yourself.

Overall: Must Watch

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