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BKNJ Review: Midnight Meat Train

Gore porn fans, get your glasses on. "Midnight Meat Train" had this stone cold horror fan wincing away from the screen on multiple occasions, which only serves to sharpen your hearing. Your mind fills in the gaps.

Bradley Cooper is a very smart script picker, there has got to be another word for that, that sounded like a backhanded compliment. Cooper choosing Midnight Meat Train, accompanied by the incredibly pretty Leslie Bibb as “Maya”, lulls the viewer into thinking this film might not be that f*cked up. But it is.

What is smart about this film is the use of the butcher. The fact that someone is responsible for an animal becoming a steak or a hamburger could very well dull that individual's senses when dissecting a human. It would eventually become muscle memory (that’s a pun).

H/T Roger Bart who gave a solid performance, and was also in the scene that made this writer make a face like someone threw lit fireworks in my cereal.

H/T Brooke Shields for still being hot.

No more spoilers. Watch, if you think you can handle it.

Overall - Must Watch

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