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BKNJ Review: Black Mirror

Wow, those Brits are dark. For anyone who likes to imagine a world where every hardship can lead to a positive conclusion, a world where people are ultimately decent, and feel empathy towards those less fortunete, the world of Black Mirror is not for you.

There exists a place where the impossible becomes possible, where logic and science evolve to the point where you, the individual cannot trust what is happening in front of you. A world where discovering reality can tear your mind apart. Sinister forces with bad intentions rewrite the rules, and you are left wondering exactly what it takes to make out alive, here, in The Twilight Zone, I mean Black Mirror.

Black Mirror offers us an extremely unpleasant, yet intriguing interpretation of the future. Each episode is unique. Every episode is extremely imaginative, intricate and interesting. The actors all give solid performances, which helps sell the concepts.

Overall - Must Watch

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