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BKNJ Review: Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix)

I feel compelled to write this review, based solely on the awesomeness of Patton Oslwalt’s hair in the Netflix reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000. As a younger lad, I thoroughly enjoyed the the banter between Crow, Tom Servo, and whoever the guy was.

Okay, so I will try to explain the premise (it’s better done in song).

In order to fulfill the dastardly plans of these mad scientist space criminals, they hold captive an astronaut and force him to watch old movies. The robots are companions that are meant to keep the human captive tethered to reality.

The films they pick are often quite old and weird. What is cool is the bridging of culture from now and the past. Despite the justified mocking of the bad elements of these “bad movies”, it actually gives the film a second glory, a 4th dimension that can trap the modern short attention span, just long enough to hear a story, written by someone from the history of cinema, that could have been before their time.

Music is key to entertainment. The music of the new MST3k is pretty great.

Overall - Must Watch. (Maybe get baked if it is your first time watching). Only 3/10 girlfriends will like MST3k, do not take it personally.

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