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BKNJ Review: Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie

“Umm, what?” I believe that phrase correctly describes the feelings conjured up in this Netflix Mystery Movie, but in a good way. Jeff Garlin is one of those naturally funny people, so much so that I thoroughly enjoy his stand-up, even though he only tells like 3 actual jokes in 30 minutes. This movie looks effortless, but is actually very well executed. It seems whatever it was trying to be, it delivered on the nose.

Handsome watches like a comedy detective show, but unlike some others, the characters are what brings out the humor, not the gags. Garlin is funny without being overbearing, Natasha Lyonne is overbearing in a good way while still being likable. All the characters were good.

I want to know if Garlin scoured the Earth looking for William Stanford Davis, in order to show the world, exactly how much the word cream has changed his life’s trajectory.

Netflix is embracing the changing landscape of media entertainment, that it is very much responsible for. Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie celebrates this fact, without rubbing our noses it it.

Over All - Very Good

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