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BKNJ Review: Doctor Strange

We do not normally review superhero movies, but Doctor Strange is a film that delivers on many cinematic fronts. Knowing little background on the Doctor Strange series does not keep viewers from understanding and enjoying the film.

Doctor Strange is a very professional-looking production. The plot delivers clearly, and although there is a ton of special effects, the story never seems to lose focus (must be all the meditating).

Benedict Cumberbatch played a great character. Cumberbatch fit the jock-like surgeon savant with precision, equipped with cockiness to the point of being a bit of a jerk, and an obsessive need to excel in his field.

The film brings some magic and sorcery into the mix, which creates an exciting viewing experience. Tilda Swinton’s “The Ancient One” was incredible, and she pulls of the bald head nicely.

The film follows Dr. Stephen Strange, who is a talented, but flawed character. Through unfortunate life events, Dr. Strange is broken down. Unwilling to give up, he seeks the help of a group of sorcerers. Strange is made better, and along the way becomes quite the hero, while still maintaining his sarcastic personality.

Overall - Must Watch

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