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BKNJ Review: American Mary

Apologies to the makers of American Mary. This review is long overdue.

American Mary was one of the first films to completely represent the new wave of American Alternative Horror. The film combines the dark fetishes of modern society, and gives a look into the underworld of modern culture.

What was so effective about American Mary was its precision filming. High quality footage that gives a crisp look, while keeping the feel of a movie. Not easy, the viewer’s eye can only handle so much. This is where AM really delivered.

Katherine Isabelle plays “Mary Mason”. Since she played the little sister in one of my favorite movies of all time, “Disturbing Behavior”, she had my respect from the get go. Anyway, Isabelle’s “Mary” is now sexy af, while ultimately maintaining an inner innocence, a softness under all the layers of latex and armor. She is what makes the film compelling.

The plot is very dark. The story arc is a little scattered towards the end, but ultimately this film does not disappoint. In fact, American Mary was a big inspiration behind the creation of Buzzkill New Jersey. Send the kids to bed. This one is for the grown-ups.

Overall: Must Watch

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