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BKNJ Review: Taking Lives

Very rarely now a days, do you come across a movie that you do not want to end. Very seldom do the endless micro-actions we take when watching a film bother us because we cannot hear or see what is happening. “Taking Lives” is a knock-out film.

The film uses music, which is defiantly an under-utilized emotion-creator. This film jars the viewers eyes awake in the first scene, after that, we have to know what is going to happen.

Angelina Jolie is an old crush from my adolescence, and even while playing a more vulnerable character, she gives powerful performance. The film even incorporates her perfect symmetry with dialogue that adds to the plot in a major way.

These filmmakers put in obviously effort, and the result is a film that delivers stronger than anything from its genre in the past 15 years. Great work.

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