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BKNJ Review: Bloodline

Bloodline has recently appeared on Netflix, after starting as an HBO series. The series follows the Rayburn family, and despite owning some pristine coastal properties around the Florida Keys, the family also hosts a whole lot of issues.

The series alone is fantastic, and the producers do a great job of capturing tons of beautiful scenery, and establishing that from anyone else’s perspective, these people have it made. All families have their secrets though, and certain characters cannot seem to get out of their own way. Bloodline is intense, excellently scored, and full of great performances from the cast.

Here at Buzzkill, we tend to be into the more gory, and sadistic parts of film and television. Let us now focus on one episode in particular, which is this writer's favorite; Season 3, Episode 3, Part 26.

CAUTION: Slight Spoilers.

In this scene, Kevin Rayburn, newly sober, with nothing to blunt his tendency to over-react, finds himself standing next to the dead body of his sister’s former lover, and his brother’s former partner on the police force. Tough situation. With his older brother in the wind, and unable to help him deal with his considerable problem, Kevin ends up seeking the help of Roy Gilbert, a former colleague of his father, and supposedly not a great guy to get in business with.

Mr. Gilbert tells Kevin, who is the worst possible family member to be in his situation, to make a choice; plead guilty, or let his associate help him. Needless to say, Kevin picks the latter, and ends up back at the house of the recently deceased. It is here, where we meet Mr. Gilbert’s associate. The actor’s name is Paul Tei, and he plays a large, dark-looking gentleman with a ponytail and intricate beard.

Tei’s performance was on-the-nose. Absolute perfection. The scene provides the viewers of Bloodline, a calm, logical guide through the harrowing experience, and is a welcome reprieve from the chaos caused by the basket-case family. Parts of the scene also happen to be laugh-out-loud funny. No more spoilers, watch it yourself.


Overall - Must Watch

Season 3, Episode 3, Part 26

Overall - Must watch

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