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The Afterlife / Spirits

One thing, that to some degree, seems to be on everyones’ mind, is the afterlife. What happens, you know, after you are no longer a living person? Tons of film and television creations revolve around this question.

If you went to public school and became a Godless pagan, you may be frustrated with this part of humanity. Losing faith seems to have become a new fad. If an individual is no longer faithful, there are 3 basic options, for after you break the mortal coil; none are especially pleasant (just sayin'). Sometimes, a tragic event or misfortune stays with a person, keeping them from finding peace. These spirits are what we commonly call ghosts.

The important thing to know is, once you decide on having faith, you begin thinking differently, which opens your mind to finding things that strengthen your faith.

I first met Josh Louis down in Palm Beach County, FL. He was at the tail end of being spiritually reborn. Seeing someone succeed, who has faced similar demons and hardships, helps you to believe that you can succeed. Plus he was from up north, and we all tend to gravitate to each other when living in other states. Josh was one of the first friends I had met, that was really into business (legitimate business). This is not someone who floats above reality.

I have provided some background on Josh, so that when you hear this next part, you know I am being serious. Josh has an organization, Hope Paranormal, that seeks out spirits who, for whichever reason, remain trapped on earth, unable to pass-on. As one might imagine, this is no simple or easy task, but the details of this are quiet remarkable. (To learn more, look up their videos on YouTube: "Hope Paranormal").

Being very uneasy about ghosts, I never sought to join Josh on these missions. Mainly, because he said that there was a chance a ghost could end up following you home. Thank you, no.

Still, the whole thing is fascinating, and this latest wrinkle is pretty crazy. Apparently, there is a well-known spirit named “Bob” who helps Josh and his team guide spirits to pass on. Bob was not in the latest video, and a spirit explained that he was “in trouble” and “could not come” to help. Josh explains there have been reports of similar organizations to his, attracting benevolent spirits to help them, and that those spirits were punished for doing so. But by who? It is safe to assume that anyone who was seeking to punish Bob, was doing so because he is aiding with a divine task. Whoever that is, must be a pretty bad dude.

We will report any updates that we find.

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