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Ghost in a Day Spa

If you have not yet read any posts about HOPE Paranormal, here is some background; Josh is the leader of a group of “Helpers Of Paranormal Entities” (HOPE), that seeks to help spirits, who are trapped on earth, unable to pass-on to Heaven. Because ghosts are essentially the spirits of people, this task is difficult, and watching HOPE Paranormal work can be complicated.

Recently, a day spa reached out to HOPE Paranormal, because their employees were seeing the ghost of a man, appearing in their office. Needless to say, a male ghost creeping around your spa would make relaxing very difficult, so the business owners were rightfully concerned.

It takes a few times of watching HOPE Paranormal videos (YouTube: HOPE Paranormal), to get a real feel for what is happening. The group uses electronic devices, that scan frequencies in hopes of communication with the spirits. Nikki, a member of HOPE Paranormal, is also touched with the special gift of being able to receive and communicate with the spirit world.

The sessions are a bit scattered, because spirits lack the physical body needed to speak, which makes communication very difficult. This particular ghost at the day spa, did not seem especially interested in crossing-over to Heaven, despite the attempts made by Josh and Nikki to help. When all was said and done, “you don’t have to go home, but you gotta get out of here”. HOPE Paranormal invited white light into the spa, to rid it of its unwanted spiritual inhabitance.

What is especially interesting about this latest episode, is the mentioning of a fellow paranormal-helper Steve, who apparently has been contacted by an entity who is known for trapping spirits, and making them unable to move-on. Take a guess on what the entity calls himself.

We will post any updates that we come across.

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