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Steve Huff and the Devil

We are starting a new category today for HOPE Paranormal, and the goings on of spirit-chasers or what is commonly known as “ghost-hunting”. Josh is a friend of Buzzkill, and HOPE Paranormal is his organization. For background, check out the HOPE Paranormal Category in the Director's Post.

Steve Huff is a fellow paranormal helper, and it should be known, that what these individuals are attempting is extra-worldly, and therefore bring them into contact with spirits. Spirits, much like people, can be stronger than others, and that strength can come from a place of good or evil. We know that Josh and his team help spirits, who are trapped on earth, pass on to Heaven. It seems Steve has come up on the wrong guy’s radar. Who is that guy? He calls himself, the devil.

While statistics show that at least 25 percent of you are rolling your eyes, we do not deal with non-truths at Buzzkill. Josh recently took a trip to Arizona to visit Steve, and his latest teaser for his take on the happenings down in Arizona, seem to reveal as much. Go figure, Arizona is hot.

The teaser, focuses on a "dust-up", which is basically a mini wind and sand tornado, common for Arizona. It initially looks like the house next to Steve is on fire. Ominous coincidence, Josh thought.

We will examine further when Josh's video comes out.

Youtube: HOPE Paranormal

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