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Paranormal Helpers

When a property-owner feels a paranormal presence in their building, they sometimes seek the help of paranormal helpers. HOPE Paranormal is one such group.

If the group determines the spirit to be relatively good, the goal becomes to get the spirit to cross-over to Heaven. Many times, fear or something else, keeps the spirit from wanting to pass on. The home or building-owners want the spirit to leave either way. This creates a difficult catch 22 for HOPE Paranormal. Part of their job is to cleanse the premises, which keeps the spirits out, but once this is done, they can lose contact with a spirit, that could ultimately be trying to get to Heaven.

It seems like spirits are just like humans in that they are stubborn, sometimes to the point of not even knowing they are dead. Nikki is the group’s clairvoyant. She is able to feel the energy of the spirit, and determine what kind of being it is. One difference between spirits and living people, is that spirits cannot hide who they are and how they are feeling. Their energy is largely a representation of who they were, and it remains the essence of what they are.

Stay tuned for updates on the newest from HOPE Paranormal.

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