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Steve Huff’s Last Session

If you have been following along with our commentary on spiritual-helpers, HOPE Paranormal, you would know that Josh, the group’s leader, recently took a trip to Arizona to aid his friend and colleague, Steve Huff. Steve has been a pioneer in inter-demential communication, but years of aiding spirits with a benevolent purpose had landed Steve on the radar of some sort of dark entity.

Josh, in an effort to help his friend, set up multiple sessions. They did not want to start-off directly calling out for dark spirits, so Josh went about his usual work of trying to guide spirits towards the light. For whatever reason, Josh’s presence seemed to stem the tide of darkness and fear, that had been creeping into Steve. It could have been, that Josh’s support, made Steve a more difficult target. While it seemed like Josh was aware of the dark beings around them, he did not seem afraid.

When Josh and Steve specifically sought clarification of who exactly had been harassing Steve and his community, Josh pictured a group of dark spirits, that had surrounded Steve’s property. The creatures were unable to penetrate the shield of light that Josh placed around them. It seems whoever is targeting Steve, did not want to pick a fight while Josh was there.

While the short-term effect was positive, at the end of Josh’s trip, Steve began feeling the same tightness and fear, presumably because he knew Josh was leaving. Not long after Josh returned to Florida, Steve checked into a hospital, then later decided to stop spirit-chasing all together.

While the entire experience was emotionally draining for Josh, he seems to have come out the other end okay. Steve’s turmoil should serve as an example of the seriousness of what these people do, and the possible consequences.

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