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The Jersey Devil - Corrupter

While origins and motivations of the Jersey Devil change depending on who you talk to, its effects are consistently negative. One of the most insidious explanations of the creature, is that the devil Lucifer, sent the Jersey Devil to New Jersey for the purpose of corruption.

Often times, the target of the Jersey Devil is by all accounts a strong and capable person. The Jersey Devil looks for a weakness or secret, a fatal flaw that the creature uses to bring the individual down. While the aftermath itself is usually tragic, the theory is that the Jersey Devil causes the person’s destruction, in order to prevent them from doing something in the future that could benefit society.

One of the most disturbing victims was a young woman in her mid-twenties. She had a gifted mind, and an unbelievable ability to communicate. It seemed she was destined for a future in the public eye, with her strong moral code being of great benefit to her community. Her one weakness was her vanity.

The story goes, that the woman, with the encouragement of her friends and family, decided to run for the state senate. She gathered a staff to help her with her campaign. It was here, where the Jersey Devil supposedly worked its way into the fold. The woman became convinced that the only way she could succeed, was to perfect her face with plastic surgery.

The woman went for multiple procedures, against the advice of her loved ones. On the night of the first debate, the audience gasped when she came out on stage. The once beautiful young woman, looked like a plastic doll. Her skin looked bumpy and uneven, which was probably the result of some bad botox. There never was a second debate. In fact, the woman was never heard from again. Speculations of suicide or a mental-breakdown followed. Tragically, the woman was only remembered for her scary looking face on the night of the debate.

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