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BKNJ Review: Death Note

What Netflix lacks in choices, it makes up for in creative content. Death Note is another, in a long line of trail-blazing Netflix Originals. If you are a fan of monsters, gory death, love stories and Williem Dafoe, Death Note has what you need.

Dislikes first, the quirky, advanced, Antifa-looking cop-hero, was pretty socially-awkward. I guess that makes sense.

Death Note was a swing for the fence, and it did not slow down when it came to outrageous plot-developments, characters (one in particular) and societal undertones. The love-story between the main characters might have been secondary, but it delivers on an emotional level.

The film was scored fantastically, helping the viewer along on the ride through crazy-town. While Death Note is pretty out there, it had a healthy mix of humor, drama, blood and story-arc.

Overall: Must Watch - Possible date-night movie, if your sig other has gothic tendencies.

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