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Josh Puts "Frank" on Notice

According to paranormal researchers, people are all connected. What this means is that when a mortal’s life comes to an end, they leave their earthly body in the form of a spirit. Unlike humans, who occupy their own spaces on earth, spirits exist in another realm, where the rules of modern science no longer apply.

Spirits who die young, or emotionally weak may lack the strength to get to Heaven. Christianity believes man is born into sin (hence the baptism), meaning that mankind, left unchecked will revert back to dark behaviors. Evil exists, and it stands in direct contrast to good. Sinful behaviors lead to a weakened spirituality. Examples; envy, lust, and pride are all part of humanity’s wiring.

Think of it as, people having self-destruction triggers. Without a connection with God or healthy self-awareness, a person’s weaknesses can take them down. Weakness is the absence of strength, like good to bad, it takes strength to take the high road, and weakness to act like a scumbag.

The latest H.O.P.E. Paranormal video features a couple sessions with Josh, who after coming home from his trip to Arizona helping Steve Huff with the devil, has decided to clear the air with a similarly-negative entity named “FRANK” who is known for stopping spirits from finding the white light in Josh’s area.

While spirit-chasing requires a certain amount of faith to follow, these dark spirits should be a call for concern to even those who are still on the fence. A proclamation of faith has consequences now-a-days, certain individuals do not like hearing about spirituality or even worse, religion. Christianity is the most persecuted religion around the world btw.

This writer has a certain image of FRANK; a short, sloppy, portly humanoid (almost like Slimer from Ghost Busters). He is belligerent with a big smile, and takes pleasure being a nuisance. A hint; he does not like getting punched in the face.

Positive wishes for our brave friend Josh.

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