BKNJ Review: Little Evil

September 2, 2017

Netflix is cranking homers like Barry Bonds.  With “Little Evil”, their creative chops are shown-off once more. 


To avoid spoilers, we will quickly point-out that for broad-strokes purposes, “Little Evil” plays out like a satiric-comedy take of “The Omen” about that scary little kid named “Damien”, who happens to be the anti-christ.   Don’t worry, you pick that sentiment up right away. 


“Lucas” is a strange kid, who tries his best to dress like Angus Young from ACDC, talks people into harming themselves and has the bedroom of a future serial-killer.  Not an ideal step-son.


But wait, (heart flutters), Evangeline Lilly plays the boy’s mother, "Samantha".  I get it “Gary”.  Still, very not-ideal overall. 


There are tons of great cameos, and the film is very funny.  “AL” is a great supporting character.  The production-level is very solid.  “Little Evil” certainly has something for everyone.   


Overall: Must Watch - Possible family-night movie, if you suspect your step-son of possibly being the anti-christ, and you want to see how he reacts to your movie choice. 





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