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Netflix you crazy! "MINDHUNTER" is a great and engaging series. There are certain things that might get in your way. As is customary at Buzzkill, we do dislikes first.

This series moves slowly, it is very intricate, and there is a ton of dialogue. Like “Stranger Things”, the long setups run the risk of losing the audience, even though the producers went balls to the wall in the opening scene, (pun intended).

Dislike is a strong word, but it is hard not to strongly dislike the feminist girlfriend, right down to the armpit hair. Living in the over-correction time-period, or post-feminism era, the fact that she uses sex and attitude to get our main character to become fully beta-male, rings very true. Much of this is fully fleshed out and discussed, so it does not take from the story. The academic-feminist Wendy Carr, comes off 10 times more likable. Ultimately together, they are a job well-done from the actors.

Holden Ford is a relentless character. His motivation could seem like border-line mania, but that is sometimes what it takes for progress, obsession. Wendy Carr is a Buzzkill favorite, but supporting character special agent Bill Tench, is also very necessary and critical. He is not always a great presence when things get touchy-feely, but he has 15 more years on the force than special agent Ford, and has seen very few criminals self-identify as guilty.

The different killers are intense and real. Edmund is solid and tall, that’s cool.

Favorite quote from a serial killer, “The idea pops into your head, like a sneeze.”

Warning Slight Spoilers:

We now know that serial killers are primarily white males, and their targets are pretty white females. The time-period is bold, and very-well executed. It helps bring us into the past, where the things we know today, where just being discovered.

Overall: Must Watch, especially if you are a psychopath.

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