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BKNJ Review: Stranger Things 2

Caution: Minor Spoilers

Much anticipated, Stranger Things 2 had a very high bar to clear, and it did, in spades. All of the main characters delivered, and the chemistry among the cast is especially solid (we went over all this in the review for Stranger Things). What is more impressive, is the incredibly over the top story, that takes our small-town members on a very wild ride.

We pick-up a year after the first series. The unfortunate Will Beyers, having been saved from the bad place, is still plagued by visions of the other dimension or “upside-down”, equipped with a brand new monster, that is about as horrifying as you could imagine.

Things are much stranger in this series. The creatures are horrendous and gross, and the darkness creeps into the city in a very eerie way. Our characters must all endure another round of mania, and the volume has been turned to eleven.

Top performances:

Steve Harrington - Spiked bat is quite the weapon. A more sympathetic character, who now seems to enjoy bashing monsters. Suit up.

Will Beyers - Um, someone drew the short straw. Seems ya boy is pretty resilient though.

Eleven or “Jane” - Separate interesting story-arc. Still weirdly cute. I miss the buzz cut.

Bob the Brain - Talk about a good guy to have a long on a quest. Sure Samwise Gamgee, we need a selfless personality with all the teenaged angst around. :’( What? nothing, I’m fine.

Mike Wheeler’s mom - Still hot.

Overall - Must See ASAP (Don’t be that person who gave up on episode 4, season 1, we are done dragging your ass around.)

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