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Josh Helps Michael

H.O.P.E. Paranormal is a group that specializes in helping spirits cross-over. Josh picks up the latest video in his car, which is parked in the cemetery right next to downtown West Palm Beach. He uses a recorder to communicate with the spirits, which were plentiful (cemetery).

The spirit “Michael” was asking for help. Josh proceeded to verify that the two were communicating, which Michael does pretty on the nose. This video is probably the most linear example of a successful mission from HOPE Paranormal.

After verification, Josh switches to a device, I want to say it’s the flux-capacitor, techno edition. The communication between Josh and the subject is distorted through a machine that sounds like auto-tune, it is pretty trippy (which probably helps to steady the nerves of a nervous spirit). In the moment, Josh cannot hear as clearly as someone watching the video. Plus Josh does not have the words that pop up and spell out what was said, which makes it that much harder. (TWSS)

While it seems at the end that Josh is not sure whether or not Michael was saved, it was our sound engineer, Isha Tamopins, who pretty clearly determined, after Josh stands up outside the car (12:27 in video), Michael the spirit says, “flying” or “they’re flying” insinuating that angels were flying down around the car. Directly after that point, Josh was left alone. While this could have been interpreted as a lost connection, that would only confirm a crossing-over situation.

Video Tile - “Holy S#$&, Who’s Voice did I Record?” (HOPE Paranormal on YouTube)

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