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One for the Non-Believers

We all know someone. Often now, thanks to the progress of our post-modern world, the issue of God has been easily dismissed. As if, because of the advancement of technology and science, mortals believe we have achieved too much here on earth for there to be a God. Still, people remain tragically imperfect, and the world is full of new atrocities each day, that you can learn about with a quick scroll through Facebook or Twitter.

While many people of faith have closed-off their minds to trying to spread that faith, in order to side-step the malice and or mockery that accompanies such a gesture, the dead, seem a little more open-minded.

Yes I said the dead, if you need to catch up, go to the beginning of the HOPE Paranormal category. Josh’s latest video is another that takes place inside a south Florida cemetery. He makes a connection with a spirit named “Chris”, who according to Chris, has been dead since the 80’s. Chris takes Josh up on his offer to help, and Josh, very patiently attempts to guide Chris to paradise.

Chris spent his whole life a non-believer, thinking his death would be the end. What he apparently came to realize, is that simply is not the case. For Chris, his spirit was stuck in the cemetery where he was buried, waiting for someone to help him.

While this story may be interpreted with a cold chill if you are a non-believer, the good news is it is never too late.

UPDATE: In February of 2018, Josh again makes contact with Chris. Unfortunately, despite Josh’s effort to help Chris, his circumstances have not changed. Learn more about it in “Suicide Purgatory”.

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