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The Jersey Devil and the Pentagram Symbol

The pentagram symbol has been left at nearly every abduction site of the Jersey Devil. What does this mean? The key word is abduction site. While there are tons of stories of general mischief and destruction that have been blamed on the monster, abduction usually means the target is never seen again. The only abduction victim to be seen reportedly since her abduction is the first, Marie Clapper.

Plenty have been targeted, both men and women of all ages. The abduction of Clapper was in 1841, and the pentagram symbol was seen burned into the ground next to her pink hair ribbon. Kelly Whitlin was taken before a house party in Seaside Park, NJ. The pentagram was also found next to the purse of Kristina Delissa.

What do the three have in common? A couple things. All of the actual pentagram locations were found in relatively remote locations. Clapper in the woods, Whitlin near a construction site by the woods, Delissa in the woods behind the old Tommy Hilfiger outlet in Manasquan. While Clapper and Delissa were reportedly carried, Whitlin was dragged by her feet. Authorities pointed towards an abduction for the two recent cases.

Authorities have acknowledged the existence of “satanist symbols”, but will not release any of the current footage. This is probably to discourage copiers/groupies. The police have been very vague about ruling-out anyone as the culprit/s, assumably including the actual JD.

The poster below includes a picture of the construction site in the background, where Kelly Whitlin was taken a week before Jack’s Party.

(Pentagram symbol from 1841)

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