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The scariest ghost stories always end up one way. Can you guess it? The stories begin similarly. Average, normal situations that suddenly or eventually reveal something strange, or weird, something paranormal. The people who are plagued by these events will tell you that theirs is the scariest ghost story, because it happened to them. The scariest ghost story of all, is when you end up the ghost.

From there you are left with a few options. This is why it is important, when you share a friendship with someone, especially individuals with whom you have shared situations that you still hold onto, to not forget about them. You may need closure with someone or some thing. You may have unfinished business.

Our friends at HOPE Paranormal are “paranormal helpers”. They seek-out spirits or "ghosts" down in south Florida. It is pretty amazing how many different spirits Josh has spoken with. Check out the HOPE Paranormal Category for summaries of the latest HOPE connections.

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