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Carl in Purgatory

People have all different fears. Many times, fears, resentments or reservations can be caused by traumatic events during childhood, while the individual is developing into the person they ultimately become. One of the most chilling fears shared by most mortals, is dying and going to, you know.

While common consensus is that the wicked and evil get sent down into the fire, there are plenty of spirits who stay stuck on earth. Depending on the circumstances that led them to not be able to move-on after death, spirits become stuck in some general vicinity, often places they frequented in life.

Following the exciting return-trip to Riddle House, Josh went back to Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach, which was located across the street from the Riddle House before it was moved to Yesteryear Village. It was there in the cemetery where Josh came in contact with a spirit named “Carl”. Josh asked if Carl was stuck in the cemetery, and the spirit said yes. During their first meeting, the spirit seemed slightly aggressive, possibly frustrated. Their first communication was not especially effective, but the encounter made Josh want to come back.

He revisits the cemetery a day or so later. Having listened to his original recordings, Josh suspected that the spirit “Carl” was either Karl Riddle, who owned the Riddle House, or Carl A. Fremd, who was the caretaker of the cemetery and lived there with his wife and family. Josh again made communication with the spirit Carl, who seemed calmer and clearer.

When Josh asks the spirit why he is stuck in the cemetery, he replies that he “lost his brother”. Karl Riddle had a twin-brother who he was close with named Kenyan Riddle, who died in 1957. Karl Riddle died in 1985. Josh promised to return to the cemetery to try to help Carl.

To be continued…

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