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Suicide Purgatory

In the latest video from HOPE Paranormal, Josh begins with the use of the spirit box (pictured). This machine helps spirits (ghosts) communicate with the users by channeling the spirit’s energy using radio frequencies.

These sessions are often confusing because the spirits exist in a different dimension. They do not follow the basic rules of our world, including conversation. The box allows the spirit to have a voice. The spirit box often attracts multiple spirits, who take turns communicating. Just like humans, some are nice, some are rude, some are good and some are bad. The reactions heard when Josh says that he believes in Jesus Christ are proof of this.

An interesting anomaly was noticed by a viewer. In the last episode, when Josh steps out of his car while communicating with a spirit, a perfect cross formed in the clouds over Josh’s RR DR-60 recorder (talk about a product endorsement).

Josh returns to the cemetery with the DR-60 at night after it had closed. He parks in a parking lot that is on the boarder of the cemetery. It is here where he runs into his old friend “Chris”. What is interesting about Chris is that Josh expresses a strong connection with him. Chris had told Josh last time, that he was not a believer in God in life.

Josh asks Chris if he ever sees anyone else. The spirit says no. Josh asks if he committed suicide, and Chris says yes. It seems that suicide spirits have to wonder in purgatory alone, with no contact with anyone. Chris has been dead since the 80’s, and the first person he has seen since then, is Josh. The spirit Chris, besides being a clear communicator, is also desperate for Josh’s help.

While it is disappointing that Josh was unable to help Chris three months ago, their strong connection and Chris’s willingness is a good sign for a way out of purgatory.

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