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Chris Part 3

In the latest video from HOPE Paranormal, Josh revisits Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach, where he again speaks with “Chris”. Chris is a spirit who claims to be stuck in or around the cemetery. He claims that he never sees anyone else. Chris died by suicide, and it is largely believed that purgatory for individuals who commit suicide involves complete isolation. The spirit vaguely remembers Josh’s visit a couple days ago, but not the details of their conversation.

While some viewers expressed doubts about “Chris”, saying he might be a different spirit who is just toying with Josh, the case is still compelling. Spirits all have vapid sounding voices, but they are distinguishable. Regardless of his true intentions, it is same spirit from Josh’s last encounter.

Chris claims his last name is “Harris”. It is unknown exactly what is keeping him in the cemetery. Josh believes that self-forgiveness is what the spirit needs, which is no easy task. Josh leads Chris in the “Third Step Prayer” from Alcoholics Anonymous, which is about forgiving one’s self, in order find God’s path.

More to come…

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