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BKNJ Review - Devil’s Tree - Rooted Evil

"Devil’s Tree" is the story of a real tree in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where the energy and spirits of the people killed around it still linger. It is believed that the tree itself is simply a conduit for demonic spirits, cultivated by evil and sick people on earth that feed this beast. While certain liberties are necessary to make the film a watchable motion picture, Devil’s Tree does a good job of staying true to form with the concept of paranormal helpers or spirit chasers.

Yes folks, the Devil’s Tree is real and it’s in Florida (not surprising, have you ever been to the sticks in Florida? Thank you, no, where is the nearest Ritz Cartlon?) The interesting story carries the film, but there are also some great horror-quality gore shots that will have you rethinking making bolognese for dinner.

Over - Must Watch - Perhaps read up on spirit-chasing (ghost-hunting) in the HOPE Paranormal Category, to get some background before or after watching.

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