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BKNJ Review - Altered Carbon

Netflix again has proven that they are the top trail blazers, when it comes to original content. Altered Carbon is an incredibly imaginative series, but, since this is New Jersey, we do the dislikes first. First and foremost, Kristin Ortega was beyond annoying, to the point that we wanted the bad guys to win. Not ideal when the subject matter hits as close to home as it does in Altered Carbon. In fact, the only time Ortega was palatable, she was just a sleeve being operated by Reileen Kawahara (be still my beating heart).

Now, with the dislikes out of the way, let us get to good stuff. Number one was Takeshi Kovacs’ sister Reileen Kawahara, who is smart, hot and loyal to her ungrateful brother to a fault. Joel Kinnaman delivers a great performance as Kovacs, and is successfully revealing himself to be 2020’s gritty version of Tom Hanks. The whole concept of the Raven Motel and its loyal proprietor “Poe”, was a grand slam.

The characters live in a future where, thanks to technology, people can live forever, animating the skins of their cloned bodies (if they have the money). The result of giving humanity endless time, is that ruthless people are able to amass considerable assets, power and baggage.

The series is captivating and always interesting, plus there are a large amount of good-looking naked people. Here’s to next season.

Overall - Must Watch

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